Long Term Care Monitoring for Quality Resident Meal Time Food and Nutrition Services Revised

About the Book

This book, Long Term Care Monitoring For Quality Resident Meal Time Food and Nutrition Services Revised, a Quick Reference Guide of the revised Federal Long Term Care Regulations and the New F-Tags, is designed in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format, for the specific resident meal time and food and nutrition services regulations. Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Director of Food Services and nursing and kitchen staff will find this book very beneficial and useful. The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has established routine monitoring as one of the expectations for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Nursing Facilities (NFs) and Nursing Homes. One of the benefits of this book is it will help staff in providing Quality of Care and Quality of Life for the residents and also help them improve their survey outcomes. The book is a compilation of the new F-Tags, written in a manner and format that makes the new F-tags easy-to-read for the regulations that deal with Resident Meal Time and the Food and Nutrition Services Department. The administrators, the Food Service Director, the Dietitian, the nurse managers, nurse aides or certified nursing assistants, kitchen staff, staff development director/coordinator, and quality assurance/QAPI director will find this book useful because the ease of reading will help staff improve their familiarity with the regulations. The book can be kept at the nurses’ station and the food service department for quick reference guide.

Monitoring tools also incorporated parts of the regulations, parts of the guidance to surveyors, as well as statements from the author based on her expertise and twenty-seven years hands-on administrator experience with the survey process. The monitoring tools are very useful for quality and for regulatory compliance. The book is divided into three (3) Parts: (Part 1) synopsis of State Operations Manual/survey process; (Part 2) compilation of reform/revised Federal Regulations and the Monitoring Tools; (Part 3) synopsis of Enforcement Protocol and remedies. This book will help staff: (1) become a lot more familiar with the regulations; (2) monitor routinely for compliance with regulations; and (3) monitor routinely for Quality.

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